Oway Soothing Remedy Spot Treatment


A calming spot treatment that relieves specific areas of red, sensitive and irritated skin.



♥ Calms redness and irritation
♥ Alleviates any itching or discomfort
♥ Heals and moisturizes a sensitive skin
♥ Packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum to protect ingredient integrity
♥ Cruelty-Free + Vegan

Best for: 
✔ Sensitive skin

Immediate relief and comfort, the skin is less red. 

Does Not Contain:
✕ Parabens
✕ GMOs
✕ Petroleum
✕ Phthalates
✕ Synthetic Fragrance
✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs
✕ Artificial Colorants

Key Ingredients

Biodynamic Chamomile is a well-known medicinal plant for calming and soothing inflammation of the skin.
Organic Aloe Vera uses Lacitlol and Xylitol to moisturize and create a healthy scalp ecosystem to promote hair growth.
Biodynamic Fennel Essential Oil gently cleanses and soothes irritated skin and scalps withs its anti-inflammatory properties.
Zanthoxylum is an Ancient Chinese botanical that provides immediate relief from irritation and sensitivity.

How to Use

Apply to sensitive skin areas. Gently massage until absorbed.

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