Simply Organic Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

$118.95 $139.95

An artisnal ceramic diffuser that transforms any space into a relaxing haven. Enjoy its delicate matte stone design and quiet diffusion in your bedroom, office or any living space in your home.

The water reservoir is made with BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, allowing you to create the ultimate beauty and wellness experience.

Size: 120ml reservoir

Dimension: 86 x 6 x 179mm



♥ Matte Stone Cover made of durable artisanal ceramic
♥ Seamless and stylish design that stands out wherever it's placed
♥ Non-toxic materials make up the water reservoir and lid, composed of BPA-free plastic
♥ Timed Setting enables diffuser to automatically turn off when water depletes, saving electricity
♥ Ultrasonic Technology ensures you get the cleanest and purest air-stream for your space
Does Not Contain:
✕ BPA Plastic

Key Ingredients

  • Diffuser cover made from 100% stone
  • BPA Plastic-free reservoir

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