Simply Organic Detox Essential Oil


Eliminate toxins in the air the natural way with our Simply Organic Detox Essential Oil Blend. Our rich blend of Thai Lemongrass & Orange Oil purifies the air by absorbing pollutants and replacing them with a cool, airy scent, leaving the room smelling clean and fresh.

Made with 100% Organic Pure Steam-Distilled Essential Oils

Size: 15ml


• Aromatherapy: works as toxin eliminating anti-septic and mood enhancer
• Body Therapy: Decreases muscle pain, eliminates bacteria and wards off insects
• Can be used to create natural non-toxic cleaning solutions for the salon
• 100% pure therapeutic grade oil
• Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Key Ingredients 

Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil is known for its ability to calm the mind and eliminate toxins. Topically, it wards off insects and is beneficial to those suffering from hair loss, as it promotes circulation and new hair growth. It can also be used to make all-natural cleaning solutions, as it eliminates fungus and bacteria.
Organic Citronella Oil has a wide range of use in holistically supporting the body's physical, mental and emotional levels.
Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil has a wide range of use in holistically supporting the body on physical, mental, and emotional levels. 

How to Use 

For Aromatherapy Diffusing:
Use 2-3 drops of Essential Oil per every 100ml of water
For Topical Healing:
Note: Due to the high quality concentration of pure essential oils in our formula, it's highly recommended to use with a carrier oil for topical application.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanye Davis
DETOXing my World

With all the COVID / Cold & Flu going around, DETOX oil for your diffuser is a Must for your clean air rooms. I feel so energized by the aroma while knowing it's antiseptic properties are helping to keep the air me as clean and Virus free as possible.

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