Simply Organic Immunity Essential Oil


Strengthen your immunity and boost respiratory health with Moluccan Clove, Lemon & Rosemary. This powerful concoction of traditional herbaceous oils boasts antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral benefits that have been known to fight against flus, infections and viruses.

Made with 100% Organic Pure Steam-Distilled Essential Oils

Size: 15ml



• Aromatherapy: Re-energizes the mind and body and boosts mood
• Body Therapy: Brightens skin, rebuilds damaged skin and eases inflammation
• 100% pure therapeutic grade oil
• Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Key Ingredients 

Moluccan Clove Essential Oil is commonly used to cleanse, manage pain and abrasions, and support healthy respiration and digestion. It has also been known to reduce anxiety and enhance concentration.

Lemon Essential Oil is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient that can help boost your mood, find mental clarity and reduce stress.

Rosemary Essential Oil can reduce stress levels and nervous tension, boost mental activity, encourage clarity and insight, relieve fatigue, and support respiratory function. It is used to improve alertness, eliminate negative moods, and increase the retention of information by enhancing concentration.

How to Use 

For Aromatherapy Diffusing:
Use 2-3 drops of Essential Oil per every 100ml of water
For Topical Healing:
Note: Due to the high quality concentration of pure essential oils in the formula, it's highly recommended to use with a carrier oil for topical application.

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