Oway Summer Solstice Calming At-Home Facial Kit



One sunburn too many? Use our Oway Summer Solstice Calming At-Home Facial Kit to soothe and revitalize skin that is worn down and dull from a long summer.

The Summer Solstice Blend, when added to a Beauty Treatments Bag and soaked in warm water, creates a Solstice Remedy perfect for re-mineralizing and strengthening the skin. The concoction of 100% biodynamic-organic Dog Rose, Strawberry leaves, Elderberry, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus Flower and Damask Rose instantly hydrates and calms redness and irritations for immediate relief.

Finish this relieving ritual with a Calming Face Mask. This final step uses ethically produced Green Clay to lightly unclog pores, Strengthening Complex with Blackcurrant to deliver antioxidants and boost skin's immunity, Cardiospermum to alleviate dry, itchy skin and Halicacabum to treat inflamed, red, rosacea-like skin.

Includes (SAVE 60%):

  • 1 - Oway Summer Solstice Blend 
  • 1 - Oway Calming Face Mask (230ml) 
  • 1 - Oway Beauty Treatments Bowl
  • 1 - Oway Beauty Treatment Tea Bags (120/box)
  • 2 - Oway Retail Gift Tissue Paper (1 Sheet)
  • 1 - Oway Eco Bowler Retail Bag (Large)
  • 1 - Oway Beauty Consumer Brochure 

Optimal for sensitive, rosacea, psoriasis and red/irritated skin types.

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