Zalena's Strawberry Quartz Candle (20z)


Inspired by nature to bring fresh, all-natural scents to the home, Zalena's Strawberry Quartz Candle is a unique, hand-crafted, and hand-poured aroma-therapeutic wellness experience.  Every candle is made with 100% natural coconut and apricot wax making it vegan, non-toxic, and clean-burning, with no synthetic additives, phthalates, or carcinogens. 

It features gorgeous Strawberry Quartz, which has a powerful love vibration that stimulates the flow of happiness and joy while decreasing stress and worry. This candle is the perfect accessory to create a welcoming sensory experience in any room.

Signature Scent: This candle is infused with natural essential oils that promote calm energy and boost relaxation. You can enjoy the following notes - Magnolia Blossom, Frangipani, Jasmine, Tobacco, and Vanilla.

Size: 20oz

Burn Time: 150+ hours


♥ 100% Vegan </li>
♥ Made with apricot and coconut wax</li>
♥ Nontoxic</li>
♥ Cotton wick for clean burning </li>
♥ No synthetic additives </li>
♥ Phthalate and carcinogen free </li>

Key Ingredients

Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful love, stimulates the heart chakra, and provides comfort and peace.

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