Oway Velluto Lip Balm


A 100% natural lip gel balm made from vegetable waxes for soft, healthy and hydrated lips.


• 100% organic lip balm ideal for skin types
• Provides long-lasting hydration and softness
• Protects against harsh climatic conditions and damage-causing free radicals
• Restores and heals the lips' lipid barrier typically damaged by weather conditions and internal imbalances.
• Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Key Ingredients 

Lipo-Repairing Complex is an advanced complex of botanical oils from Sweet Almond, Castor, Rice Bran, Shea Butter, Begamot, Buriti and plant lipids help restore the lips delicate lipid barrier. Their varying molecular weights penetrate the lips instantly and progressively to ensure immediate relief and long-lasting nourishment.
Biodynamic Calendula is grown on OrtOfficina - our Biodynamic-Organic Family Farms in Bologna, Italy. This ultra-soothing botanical calms redness and irritation, while improves the lips ability to retain moisture.
Ethical Buriti Oil is one of the richest natural sources of beta-carotene – known as an excellent natural antioxidant. It is this high natural beta-carotene concentration that protects the skin and lips against photo-damage and, also helps to protect the membranes surrounding skin cells, which keeps the skin cells healthy for longer.
Vitamin E Extract contains antioxidants that inhibit free radical product that causes oxidative stress and damage to the lips. It also products a protective and elasticizing effect.

How to Use 

Apply a small amount of Velluto to the tip of the fingers and evenly distribute on lips as necessary.

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